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About Vaishnavi Catering Services..

Vaishnavi Catering Services is owned by BK Narayanan Iyengar has 20 years of experience provided fabulous catering food for marriage parties and other major functions. It has established over 20 years and serving endless service to the clients. We are doing all kinds of functions for

  • Labour and Total contract Undertaken
  • All Vaideeka Function Undertaken

Vaishnavi Catering Services is one of the major catering services in chennai involving in serving 100% pure vegeterian food for all marriages and major functions. We are serving the food with pleasure and good customer satisfaction with unique way. We undertakes catering services on long term agreement to unlimited number of clients and consumers especially in chennai.

Our Quality

  • At Vaishnavi Catering Service we serve for large industries to all functions with true and realistic quality.
  • The please of eating with Vaishnavi Catering Service food items is better experienced than explained.
  • Vaishnavi Catering Service valuable customers know this very well.
  • Our equality perception is above everything. From start to finish we adhere to best standards.

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