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Marriage Meaning..

Kasi yatra

The groom wearing a new chappal holding an umbrella and walking stick proceeds on his yatra to kasi. The father of the girl intercepts him offering his girl in marriage and brings him to grahasth ashramam he also promises to give him his daughter of companion to face the challenge of life.

Swing Ceremony

The bride and the groom sit on the swing friends and relatives display their talent in classical music providing festivity to the atmosphere. The swing signifies to the ups and downs of life.

Exchange of garland

The boy and the girl exchange garlands usually helped by their uncles lifting them bodly the event adds festivity to the occasion garland worn by a person should not be used by another. Here the exchange of garlands symbolise their unification- as one soul in two bodies.

yoke on the girls head

Sacred grass tied around a wooden yoke with the mangalyam is placed on the head of the girl . Holy water is sprinkled on it. This represents the two bullocks yoked together to express symbolically hat the long journey of martial life would progress well in harmony like two bullocks toked together.

Pani grahanam

The bride groom holds the brides right hand and recites the marriage vows in four mantras. He prays agni the god of fire saraswathi the goddness of knowledge and vayu the lord wind for blessings long life and congruence of mind.

Mangalya dharanam

The most precious moment in one life . The bride sits on her father's lab. The groom ties the mangalya sutr around the brides neck with prayers for his well beingand for her to live hundred years.


Holding the brides hand the bridegroom walk seven Steps with her this is the most important of the marriage ceremony and when one walks seven Steps together is the marriage complete legally this belief is that when one walks seven Steps with another one becomes the others friend themanthrasrecited then mean you who have walked seven steps with me become my companion whereby acquire your friendship we shall remain together inseparable let us make a vow together we shall share love share the same food, share strengths, the same tastes we shall be of one mind we shall observe the vows together I shall be the sama you thr rig I shall be the upper world you the earth, I shall be the sukhilam, you the holder, , together we shall live beget children and other riches , come thou, a sweet minded girl.

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